Windows Phone 8 Leaked Features and Details

The features and specs of the Windows Phone 8 OS, which is codenamed as Apollo, are out now. According to these leaked specs of Windows Phone 8, it will have the support for multicore processors , NFC functionality and Skype also.

Windows Phone 8 leaked features and details

Below is the complete list of the leaked features of the Windows Phone 8. Have a look

- Multi-core Processors

- 4 New Screen Resolutions

- Removable microSD card storage which was missing in Windows phone 7 series

- NFC to share contents

- Partner client for Xbox Companion app

- Deep Skydrive integration for sharing the data, music and videos

- Windows Phone 7.5-compatible apps for Windows Phone 8

- Desktop Zune Client

- Lens Apps : New name for the Camera interface which would support 3rd party skins and features

- Native code support to port apps from Android and iOS

- DataSmart app for reducing the mobile data usage

- Internet Explorer 10

- Automatic connection to the carrier-owned WLANs when in range

- Bing local scout with real-time location of nearby hotspots

- Hardware accelerated encryption with BitLocker and always-on Secure Boot capabilities like Windows 8

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