Moto X appears in the Leaked Official Video Ad (Video)

Finally the specs of Moto X smartphone is leaked and that also in one of the official promo video made by the video ad company Rogers Canada for the Motorola. It is leaked through the account of a user Дима Прокопенко (in Russian) from the Ukraine on the Google Plus social networking site.

Features of Moto X According to the Leaked Video

Control Your Moto X with Voice Commands

This feature will allow the possibility of giving a voice command without touching the phone as a request to get the information about the weather or anything else. The phone will open the lock screen and will give you the answer in audio and visual mode. This feature is similar to the search in Google Now and give information as display cards and by speaking phonetically.

Effective Alerts in Moto X

It seems that Moto X will have an effective alert and notification way which will provide alerts issued by the phone in a beautiful and interactive way.

Moto X Camera Features

The camera will be on and will start working and taking pictures once the process of shaking the phone twice is done. Also you can touch anywhere on the screen and it will get a continuous sequential photo of an object.

Due to this there should be a new way to set the focus manually as Android devices work on “Touch to Focus” concept these days.

These were the features that appeared in the leaked video advertising of Moto X. There will be sure many more interesting and impressive features in the Moto X as it is going to be one of the flagship phone of Motorola.

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